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Membership Guide for Chinese Physical Society


Those who engage in physical research or physics teaching, or work in physics-related fields and those undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who currently major in physics or any physics-related majors, who love the motherland, have excellent individual integrity, and with physics professional background, are eligible to apply for membership of the Chinese Physical Society.

For those who intend to apply for membership of the Chinese Physical Society, please log on the Membership System of the Chinese Physical Society to apply. There are three types of membership, namely, Student Member, Regular Member and Life Member. To become a Life Member, simply select to pay the one-off membership dues to become Life Member in "Years of Membership" of the Regular Member menu.

Membership Dues:
Regular Member: RMB120 per year or RMB 400 every four years;
Life Member: an one-off payment of RMB1,200
Student Member: RMB 60 per year or RMB200 every four years;

Payment Method: 
Bank Account: 11-250101040009188
Account Name: Chinese Physical Society 中国物理学会
Branch of BJAST South Road, Agricultural Bank of China 农行北京科院南路支行
** Note: Please be sure to write the words "membership dues" and the applicant's name in the remark section.

The Chinese Physical Society shall, upon receipt of the Registration Form and membership dues, start to make and issue the electronic membership certificate, which will take about one month.

Individual members may enjoy the following rights and benefits:
1) Discount on the CPS Fall Meeting registration fee (discount percentage to be determined by the organizing committee of the conference.);
2) Participate in academic conferences and other events organized by the Chinese Physical Society at a discount or for free;
3) Access to information services provided by the Chinese Physical Society at a discount or for free;
4) Free electronic periodicals exclusive for the Members;
5) Qualified to apply for academic awards of the CPS and to be recommended for other awards by the CPS;
6) A 50% discount for subscribing to Physics magazine (If needed, please contact the editorial office of Physics);
7) Free access for the electronic version of Physics;
8) The right to elect, the right to stand for election, and the right to vote in accordance with the regulations of the Society;
9) The right to advise, criticize and supervise the work of the Society;
10) Membership is based on your free will, and are free to withdrawal at any time.

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